Aug 3, 2019

#SevenInch diary day three: the Son of God loves this show

While sitting on a bench coming down from my second show yesterday, a bloke leaned over to me and said "Jesus loves you".

I think what he meant to say was "Jesus would definitely come to Seven Inch because it is the best record shop comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe". Aw thanks Jesus, I always knew you were a good guy.

I've now done my third show of my 13-date run for the Edinburgh Fringe Free Festival. The audience seemed into it, but my performer editor brain is now working out how I can tighten the 'crucible' of the show's central conflict. I won't expand more because I don't want to sound like a screenwriting book.

Following today's show, I enjoyed a celebratory Irn Bru (pictured). Yes, it's the diet version. If I drank the full-sugar version, I fear I would turn into some kind of cartoon Godzilla wrecking Auld Reekie to ruins.

My personal fave bits of the show currently are (without spoilers):

"What happened there?"
The Wham! bit
The phone call
Drawing a pop star

What would Jesus do? He'd read more about my show here.

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