Like, clockwork monkey bands are so September it's untrue (a vid from mum)

Store Street blues: waddling with the scrotes, the clubbers and the tokers

mpSunday: Mouse On Mars' Do It

Brian Eno's garter, a lack of gurning mentalism, and Kraftwerk transvestites

Narrating icon presumes a little too much, i.e. an ability to actually narrate

Stinking heave and hoik-encrusted walls: how Cylob saved my sleep

A ticket to ride: bumbling into MC Tunes and putting the green suit away

Sound the klaxon for Gloria Hunniford's cleavage and something about the Waterloo line and dogging in tube trains

Berlin's Vector Lovers are marching like an army with pinheads for shoes

mpSunday: Gescom's Keynell Mix 1