Jul 15, 2005

Fundamentalists rule (but only 31% of the time)

I was a little bit flumfazzled to discover I am 31% fundamentalist according to one of these Internet personality test deelys

It's called What Is Your World View It's called What Is Your World View and it is here.

Here are my voluptuous figures - my spiritual body chopped, if you will, into chunks of metaphorical limbs, torsos and scalps. I am Cultural Creative 75%; Postmodernist 69%; Existentialist 50%; Romanticist 44%; Idealist 44%; Modernist 44%; Fundamentalist 31%.

I'm only Materialist 13%. That's a shame. I'd like to cover more than 13% of my body with material, but if the clothes have to come off, then the clothes have to come off.

See you soon in my bikini.


Sarah said...

Not if I see you first.

Anonymous said...

Well I was 94% Cultural Creative, so watch out!