Nov 9, 2006

Note to self: must make blog more readable and stop faffing around with language

Do you remember the days when everything had wires? Radio used to have wires. Phones had them too. And cars. And lions. And wires. Wires had wires once.

These days, nothing has wires. Everything is portable. That's why some people still call radio "wireless", because it means you can carry your radio by pushing it around on a trolley with no fear that any wires will get tangled with the wheels.


As I get older and bits fall off, I have become increasingly fond of radio ("wireless"). From my humble beginnings with community radio station Refresh FM, via my flirt with the BBC with Greenbelt FM, to more humble beginnings with Refresh FM, the medium of radio ("wireless") is a drug I now find it difficult to kick.

I will be presenting and producing shows on Refresh FM next Easter. The station is only on air for two weeks, but the carthorse of momentum needs to bolt now for the broadcast to be a success.


With that in mind, my co-presenter-in-drag Lee has set up a Myspace page for us. You can find it at You will find blog postings by Lee (co-presenter) and my evil self (Eyan) about our plans for the radio (wireless) shows next year (2007). We also have downloads (mp3s) of interviews (chats) we did. I am very (overly) excited (giddy) about it (it). Enough parentheses (brackets).

Please "friend" us, despite my previous pathetic pilfering petty protestations at such a verb.

I say arse to alliteration.

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LauraHD said...

I love your blog just the way it is.