Jan 8, 2007

Now I know how Ed Reardon feels

From the Lion Hudson website:

"Lion Children’s Books is pleased to announce that Angela Waites from Tiptree in Essex has been chosen as the winner of A Lion’s Tale.

"The judges felt that Angela’s story Lucy’s Little Friend stood out for its gentle encapsulation of good values, and sweet, warm and gently satisfying storyline in which Lucy comes to make friends with a little bird in her garden.

"Angela will be attending lunch with the judges in early 2007.

>Brian the lion

"Three runner’s up have also chosen: David Martin, London, for 'A Piano in our Street', Tracy Gunaratnam, Croydon, Surrey for 'Brian the Lion' and Karen Summers, West Yorkshire, Holmfirth for 'The Stick Came Back'."

Spot something missing? I entered this children's book competition a couple of months ago with a story called 'Noah And The Great Custard Flood' and it looks like I didn't even make the short-list, never mind the £1,000 top prize.

Bitter? Me? I once read something in a history book about lions causing terrible long-term damage to Christians. I'm not bitter at all...


The picture above is from the Robert Winslow website, which has lovely lions on it. Big cats are a lot cuter than bloody penguins.

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9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

I have never said penguins are cute, just great and very funny.

Check out the video I posted on my blog of a penguin 'avin it large'