Feb 18, 2007

Voluptuous John Prescott

Before I wade into the picture diary posts as promised a couple of days ago, are the answers to the quiz I posted last week.

>Answer one

The last time a monarch lived in the palace of Westminster was in the 16th century. Win the crown jewels if you're right.

>Answer two

The names of the comedians featured in Apple Mac’s new adverts are Mitchell and Webb. No, this does not make them cool; it makes them corporate whores who pull the legs of orphan spiders before fashioning the legs into the shape of v-sign just to literally add insult to injury.

>Answer three

The primary characteristic of dopiaza is onions, while rogan josh is tomato.

>Answer four

The waiter on the cruise Anthony Eden took after resigning over Suez was the gorgeous, voluptuous John Prescott.

>Answer five

Here are the Pink Floyd albums in order of release: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, The Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall, The Division Bell. If you got this wrong, you probably thought Division Bell was earlier than it was.

>Answer six

Exploding Snap is from Harry Potter. Cripple Mr Onion is from Discworld. Long Distance Clara was from Pigeon Street. (There was nothing about Long Distance Clara in the question; I just thought it was something you ought to know.)

>Answer seven

If you mix Lala and Po, you get orange. Lala is yellow and Po is red.

>Answer eight

12. Is anyone still reading this?

>Answer nine

You had to name two of the three biggest cities in the EU. Hopefully you chose from London, Berlin or Madrid. Meanwhile, the most burgled country in the EU is dear old Blighty.

>Answer ten

Scooby Doo acquired his name from Frank Sinatra’s Strangers In The Night. In the last verse, the blue-eyed crooner dooby-dooed all over the song. He had to wipe it up afterwards.


I provided these questions for a pub quiz in Wythenshawe last week, and they've just told me it's too hard. I replied that me punching them in the face would be harder and why don't they just shut up.

They punched me in the face.

You live and learn. More quiz nonsense on Lee's blog.

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