Mar 26, 2007

Temple Of Transparent Balls and the black, brooding Book Of Dogma

The Black Dog

I cut my techno teeth on The Black Dog (artwork for an interview pictured).

Although I was transfixed by Orbital's repetitive repetitivity, there was something irresistable about The Black Dog's Temple Of Transparent Balls. Maybe it was because it was less obvious; its awkward habit of breaking away from a 4:4 structure made it as dancefloor friendly as a rabid bouncer. I liked that.

So it is with frothing delight that I hear their Parallel album, released two years after 'Balls, is being unleashed today in the black, brooding shape of the Book Of Dogma. Along with the classic Parallel, the new release also includes old EPs Virtual, Age of Slack and Techno Playtime.

Some of The Black Dog went on to gain fame as Plaid, and for that reason alone, this is an important release. The fact that they practically invented IDM / techno in the first place makes it more than important. It's essential. It's electrifying. It's greased lightning. You'd better shape up because I need a man. What? Um...

...I was lost in a haze of hair gel and leather for a second there. Anyhoo, The Book Of Dogma is old fashioned techno at its dull, dour best. As funky as a poodle doing jazz-hands.

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9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

"lost in a haze of hair gel and leather for a second there"

Slightly worried now....