Mar 7, 2007

Formula One Losers League

Why not join my Formula One Losers League for 2007?

The Formula One Losers League is a celebration of the stragglers and the also-rans in the world's most high-tech sport. It's a fantasy league, but you pick the worst possible team you can. The worse your choices do in the real season of F1 motor racing, the better you do in the League.

The great thing is you don't need to know about Formula One to take part. The reigning League champion knows zip-all about the sport. Just pick four drivers and two constructors, and you're off.


The not-for-profit League costs £5 for the year, and all entry fees can be won (less Paypal charges, which are minimal). Visit the Formula One Losers League website now and enter.

It's all for fun - and it really is very silly despite having strict rules. I'm hoping I can get between 20 and 30 entrants for this year. Any less than 20, and I'll pull the whole thing. That's call emotional blackmail, that is.

And I hope all your team choices crash their cars (a good thing in the League). That's how much I love you.

PS - deadline for entries is in just over a week.

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