Mar 11, 2007

F1: can five become 20?

I'm struggling right now to get my minimum 20 entrants for the Formula One Losers League.

I'm sure it will come together in the end, and maybe I am panicking unnecessarily. But the entry deadline is Friday and if I can get at least 20 people taking part, it means a nice, healthy prize fund of £100 (less Paypal charges, my drug-addled attourney advises me to say) split between six potential winners.

I currently have five entrants.

You don't have to know about F1 to take part. Enter through the website, and read more about it on this previous post.

Don't enter because you feel sorry for me, though. Yes, I am using guilt-tripping as a tactic to get people to dip their toes into my fantasy league waters, but it is good fun and will make you smile throughout 2007.

Edit: I did get 20 entrants, so thank you to those who entered.

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