May 8, 2007

Let's get quizzy: just when you thought the local elections were over

Lee and I waded through a mire of pedantry and trivia last week in the latest of our pub quizzes.

I'll post the general knowledge quiz in the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, here is the politics round with some of the more boring questions bitten off and spat out onto the sawdust floor of best-forgotten memories. Answers on the Fat Roland blog in about a week's time.

Oh and before you switch your brain on, you'll notice some Google things around the site. It's just a bit of fun and I'm fascinated to see what links the Google ads throw up.

Speaking of throwing up, quiz until you are sick at Nine Tenths Full Of Penguins.

Wading boots on; here we go:

Q1 Who is the First Commoner of the Land?

Q2 Which UK politician has been played (or parodied) by Michael Sheen, Robert Lindsay and David Tennant?

Q3 What’s Paddy Ashdown’s first name?

Q4 What did The Sun prefer to call Paddy Ashdown in the early 1990s?

Q5 In his own words, what kind of man was Iain Duncan Smith?

Q6 In the 2006 local elections, who ended up with the most councillors out of these three parties: (a) The Christian Peoples Alliance, (b) Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern, (c) SALT.Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern

Q7 Name William Pitt The Younger’s father.

Q8 In no particular order, who came first, second and third in the 2006 Liberal Democrat leadership contest?

Q9 He called the Minister of Agriculture a "slimy" and a "wart". He said the only thing growing in the 1980s were “the lines of coke in front of Boy George and the rest of the Tories”. He told the House of Lords to go to hell and he called Dr. Owen “a pompous sod” – after which he offered to withdraw the word “pompous”. Who is this controversial MP and what is his infamous nickname?

Q10 For how long has David Cameron been an MP?

Q11 Name David Cameron's constituency.


9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Wait a minute....

You took some questions out, yet at 11 questions long it is still longer than the round on the night which was only 10 questions....

Fat Roland said...

Munch on a chez long, sit back in your choc ice, and let me answer your question: there was a question 4 but this became question 5 because I split question 3 into question 3 and 4 so that means question 5 became question 6 and question 6 became quewstion 7 and so on, and also the old question 5 and new question 6 which is the same question had a second part but it was boring so that's no longer a question which was only a bonus question anyway and not a proper question so that didn't affect anything, meanwhile question 9 which was question 8 also had a second part but don't worry about that because that's nothing to do with anything, and finally question 10 which used to be question 10 is now question 10 and question 10 and question 11 because I split the question into 2 questions to make up for the fact I got rid of old question 9 which would have been new question 9 because it was about 4 candidates that most of my readers know nothing about and I didn't want them to question the quality of the blog, so in short I changed the questions; if you have any questions, please send me another question and thanks for your question.

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

thank you

thats clears things up nicely

Sarah said...

1. I think I have known this at some point in the psat.

2. Tony Blair

3. Patrick? Surely too obvious.

4. That stupid lib dem guy.

5. The quiet man (alleged that he would turn up the volume and then had to leave. Quietly)

6. b

7. William Pitt.

8. Ming the merciless won. Everyone else had to give up on the contest due to scandals.

9. Really, no idea.

10. 6 years

11. Poor sods

Sarah said...

I now know all the answers because I googled them.

Has google made the world a better place?

Do you make everyone hand in their web-enabled mobile phones at the start of your pub quiz and then give them out as prizes at the end?

Fat Roland said...

The punters live in Didsbury; they can't afford mobile phones.

Sarah said...

Is that because they spend all their money on their mortgages?

Not that that is something I am prepared to discuss at the delicate time in my life.

Fat Roland said...

The answers are now online.