May 15, 2007

Let's get quizzy - the answers

Well, chafe my trousers and call me Henry, it must be time for the answers to the pub quiz I posted last week.

Q1 The First Commoner of the Land is the Speaker of the House of Commons, a.k.a. Michael Martin

Q2 Tony Blair is the UK politician that has been played (or parodied) by Michael Sheen, Robert Lindsay and David Tennant.

Q3 Paddy Ashdown’s first name is Jeremy, Obviously.

Q4 The Sun prefered to call Paddy Ashdown Paddy Pantsdown in the early 1990s.

Q5 In his own words, Iain Duncan Smith was a quiet man.

Q6 In the 2006 local elections, (b) Independent Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern ended up with the most councillors out of them, The Christian Peoples Alliance and SALT.

Q7 William Pitt The Younger’s father is called William Pitt The Elder. Minus a thousand brownie points if you got this wrong.

Q8 In no particular order, Simon Hughes, Chris Huhne and Sir Menzies Campbell came first, second and third in the 2006 Liberal Democrat leadership contest. No, not Lembit Biscuit or Mark Oatcake.

Q9 Dennis Skinner called the Minister of Agriculture a "slimy" and a "wart", said the only thing growing in the 1980s were “the lines of coke in front of Boy George and the rest of the Tories”, told the House of Lords to go to hell and called Dr. Owen “a pompous sod” – after which he offered to withdraw the word “pompous”. His infamous nickname is the Beast of Bolsover.

Q10 David Cameron has been an MP for six years.

Q11 David Cameron's constituency is Witney, in Oxfordshireland.

If you got 10, you are Mike Paradinas and you are the foremost genius of electronic music. If you got 9, you are Max Tundra, which makes you a genius, but just not as recognised. If you got 8 or less, you are Adamski, the keyboard wizard.


Yoga Chickie said...

Hi Fat did you find my blog...and know I was into Psapp? How did you find Cheri's blog??

Fat Roland said...


I clicked the 'next blog' button and Cheri's blog came up. It amused me, so I read a few posts. I saw some comments between you and her, wondered what 'YC' was short for, then looked at your profile, and you listed Psapp along with other chill-out stuff in the music you like.

The internets. It's full of connections!

Midnight Candle said...

William Pitt The Elder: That's the only one I knew.

Just thought I would say hello! I do drop in and visit you here every so often.

Sarah said...

I think I got 4 or 5 and I'm still prepared to consider myself clever and well-educated.

Not well-educated like David Cameron, mind you.

Fat Roland said...

YC, Nat and Sarah, do visit again and often. You lighten up my world just like a bush fire lights up villages.