May 3, 2007

Dizzeee Raaaaarskuw, Dump Valve and (intelligent) dance music

I don't often link to other corners of the internet. Apart from Youtube, but that hardly counts as a 'corner'. I guess if something's good, you'll eventually find it and there are lots of sites out there that do that kind of thing anyway.

But I couldn't help linking to this review of the Dump Valve label. It's one of those articles that strays into Really Interesting Territory (TM).

Writer Anthony F Wilson (that's an F not an H) posits the theory that there isn't much to separate Warp Records' techno revolution with the latest revolution in British music known as grime. I love saying "Dizzeee Raaaaarskuw", so grime gets my vote anyday.

He's also made me a little blushy about using the phrase "IDM" so liberally; I think he makes a valid point. Or is that just my m*ddle-cl*ss angst? Read the article here.

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