Nov 26, 2008

Orbital come back around. Well, it seems logical, doesn't it?

Well, slap me with a chocolate banana and call me Humphrey, I cannot believe my internet-reading eyes.

Orbital have reformed!

The brothers Hartnoll (pictured) are taking their bobbing headlights to the Big Chill, which happens at the beginning of August next year.

At their last recorded gig, I blubbered like a little girl who'd lost her chainsaw.  When the last notes of One Perfect Sunrise rang out in a live session on John Peel's show, it was the end of a band that was single-handedly responsible for my love of dance music.

My most vivid memory of the 90s (are we allowed to talk about the 90s like that yet?) was the swathe of blue light washing over gurning faces at one of their mid-90s festival gigs.

And now they're back, according to this piece in the NME.

Says Phil Orbital: "It's not an exercise in nostalgia, the time just seems right."

The timing is terrible.  It's eight and a half months away.  I'm going to have to nail my joy down and triple-wrap it in gaffer tape, lest I explode from months of delighted anticipation.

I'm still waiting for that chocolate banana slap, by the way.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this FR, it's very exciting - especially since their individual solo stuff hasn't really done it for me.

And of course, now that the Basement Jaxx are also on at the Big Chill, the missus is more likely to be up for it too. Result!

See you there?

Fat Roland said...

Yus, I hope so, work diary permitting.

Did I just type "work diary permitting"? I don't have a work diary. I have a wall in a darkened room with messages scrawled in blood, but I definitely don't have a work diary.