Oct 6, 2009

Vanilla, Pistachio, Strawberry Swirl, Caramel Chew-Chew, BLOOD

I have neglected this poor old blog recently. It's been more like Attitude magazine and less like an uninformative, lazy swagger through the mucus-infested bowels of electronic music.

Let the staggering resume.

Hey! Look! It's a three-dimensional Squarepusher! As opposed to the two-dimensional one you saw at the Warehouse Project last year! Have a look at more 3D electronica photographs on the Bleep Blog here (all courtesy of Anti-Limited).

Hey! Look! Remember Butter by Hudson Mohawke, covered by this blog last month? You can win a spreadable version of the album: a double vinyl copy of Butter with a T-shirt and sticker in a customised butter tub. Just tell competitions [at] vinylfactory.co.uk which of the following is not a well-known hairstyle:

a) Mohawk
b) Crew Cut
c) Star Crackout

What the hell's a star crackout? OH. Sorry. That's the point. Don't read this paragraph; it may ruin the competition.

Hey! Look! Fat Roland blogging chum Dave Hartley (his pets pictured above) has been shortlisted for a Manchester Blog Award!

Yeah, that last one was nothing to do with electronica, but I'm just trying to throw a mate a fricking bone. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? BLOOD? SMOOTH, CREAMY ELECTRONICA-FLAVOURED BLOOD? Jeesh.

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