May 26, 2010

Autechre - a new album already?

Autechre have shocked us all by coming out with their second album this year. Move Of Ten will be out on July 12th on CD, vinyl and downloadable mp3 magicness.

You can hear a track from the album, a gloopy five-minute acid workout, on Autechre's website right this minute.

When I announced the release of Autechre's last album Oversteps, I posited a theory that every track was rhyming slang for something.

That's not going to stop me doing it again. Here are some example sentences from everyday life followed by the rhyming track names which, if you are a true cockernee-slang Autechre fan, should be used instead.

1. (a sequel to tron? yes!) Etchogon-S
2. (holiday in devon) y7
3. (do you wanna get high?) pce freeze 2.8i
4. (autechre's got a new one) rew(1)
5. (my favourite car is herbie) nth Dafuseder.b
6. (why say 'four times' when you can say 'quadruple') iris was a pupil
7. (can you help me, i'm suffering from some kind of terrible manic disorder) no border
8. (knock knock, who's there, i've done ap, i've done ap who, ha ha you just said i've done a poo) M62
9. (d'oh!) ylm0
10. (do you want a ride on my chopper?) Cep puiqMX (sorry, i meant bmx.)

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