May 2, 2010


Here are some tweets I have tweeted on the twitterverse to the twitterers that twollow my status twupdates and are, thanks to the phenomenon of cut-and-paste, now available for you to read on the old fashioned but still-robust blogosphere.

In no particular order:

- CD album sales fall, but download *and* CD single sales not only up, but reach an all-time peak.


- Bringing sexy back: here's an unforgettable Justin Timberlake medley on YouTube.

- (When the aviation ban ended.) I've just seen a plane, fairly low-flying, over Didsbury. It looked awkward and out of place, like a music lover at a Keane concert.

- D'you know, suddenly everyone's talking about Caribou. Bleep calls his new album Swim "an exultant, restless, frequently brilliant success."

- The state of electronic music at the moment nicely summarised in one paragraph.

- Chiddy Bang's new single rhymes Katsopolis, noblest, metropolis, topic hits, rockerish, lockin’ this, apocalypse AND I got this. Amazing.

- I'm in the Lass O'Gowrie about to watch the new Dr Who with lots of uber-geeky fans. I am fearful. Very fearful. A fight broke out. I'm lucky to have escaped alive. Never thought nerds had it in 'em. I feared I'd be threatened with a sonic screwdriver. And by 'sonic' I mean 'scabby', and by 'screwdriver' I mean 'penis'.

- How much do music artists earn online? Here's a diagram, a fantastic diagram.

- How on earth did Born Slippy get to no2 and spend nearly half a year in the charts in the 90s? Listen to it! No way that would happen today.

- And finally, I got a newspaper and folded pictures of the UK political party leaders. Here's folded Gordon Brown. Here's a disturbing folded David Cameron. And here's folded Nick Clegg looking sad at the first-past-the-post system).

I write as much, if not more, crap about electronic music on Twitter, so if you have an account, you should probably follow me. It's not great for music news or reviews or anything, but then again, neither is this blog. It's just me, my whimsy and a bent for bleeps.

Oh and if you can see this post, my Chipmunk warning did not come true. What is Blogger playing at?

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