May 23, 2010

Good thing bad thing

Good thing: the Cabaret Formerly Known As Bucket at Chorlton Art's Festival the other night had puppet poetry, a zombie western band and the eye-catching Madame Laycock And Her Dabeno Pleasures. It was also at a great wee bar, Oddest, which ought to be prosecuted under trade description laws.

Bad thing: I spent all morning the other day annoyed at Coldplay. I listened to people arguing so I was annoyed at Coldplay. I was late for my bus so I was annoyed at Coldplay. I turned on Radio One and heard JLS so I was annoyed at Coldplay. Irrational, undirected hatred is not helpful.

Good thing: I spent Thursday on my Twitter feed posting links to tracks Brian Eno has written or produced. For your non-tweeting pleasure, here they are: Roxy Music's Ladytron, Byrne and Eno's America Is Waiting, Eno's Here Come The Warm Jets, Bowie's Warszawa (which apparently gave Joy Division their 'Warsaw' name, I discovered later) and Eno's Fractal Zoom.

Bad thing: I had an incredibly dirty exchange of innuendos with the poet laureate. We had both been drinking, I was talking about a delivery of her books, and "in the back" was all it took. I tried to spark off a similar exchange in a bar a few days later, talked about "crusts" and just ended up offending someone.

Good things: Name dropping on blogs. Hootsuite. Getting up an hour earlier every day to write and not feeling as dead as I thought I would. Borland's Universe Trilogy (google it). Reunion drinks with friends I'd known fifteen / twenty years ago and it being *great*.

Bad thing (which is a good thing really): I am leading a church. Run for the hills. Sanctus 1 were mad enough to vote me onto their leadership team. Thankfully, there are other leaders and so it's not going to go all Koresh. It will, however, go all Moonie and not in the way you're thinking.


anclove said...

Bit of mindless self promotion.

Borland universe trilogy is available at

JLS Tickets said...

What's wrong with coldplay? Besides their depressingly bad music? lol!