Jan 4, 2011

Fat Roland's Oozy Bleeps playlist #2

You've eaten the tinsel and you've spent two weeks farting turkey. Let's clear the air a bit, shall we, with the latest installment of my Fat Roland's Oozy Bleeps Playlist. This is my monthly foray into the grey-green world of Spotify whereupon I upload new and recent electronica to a rolling playlist.

Here's January's fabulous 13... let this be your earworm.

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Raffertie - Rank Functions from the Rank Functions EP (Super 2010)

Subvert - Speaker Humpin (Mark Instinct remix) from Speaker Humpin Remixed (Muti Music 2010)

Lorn - What's The Use from the album Nothing Else (Brainfeeder 2010)

Eskmo - We Got More from the album Eskmo (Ninja Tune 2010)

Darkstar - North from the album North (Hyperdub 2010)

Denis Jones - Clap Hands from the album Red + Yellow = (Humble Soul 2010)

iTAL tEK - Talis from the album Midnight Colour (Planet Mu 2010)

Girl Unit - Wut (Night Slugs 2010)

Teebs - You've Changed from the album Ardour (Brainfeeder 2010)

Eskmo - Moving Glowstream from the album Eskmo (Ninja Tune 2010)

Seefeel - Faults from the album Seefeel (Warp, forthcoming in 2011)

Luke Abbott - Brazil from the album Holkham Drones (Border Community 2010)

Daft Punk - Tron Legacy (End Titles) from the OST album Tron:Legacy (Walt Disney (!) 2010)

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