Feb 28, 2012

Bleep Years day twenty: Burial & Four Tet's Moth (2009)

Bleep Years is a series in which I take two decades, from 1992 to 2011, and come up with some sort of chronological soundtrack. One tune a year. Click here to see the whole lot of them. And let's not forget, it's all a celebration of a decade of fatroland.com because no bugger got me a cake.
2009: Burial & Four Tet's Moth

The tyranny of the arbitrary time division has positives (birthday drinks!) and negatives (mid-life crisis!). Maybe Bleep Years has been my way of facing up to the fact that I am beginning to measure my life in decades rather than years. And maybe the insinuation there is that I will eventually measure my life in centuries then in millennia as I become Uber Lord Roland Of The Everythingverse (TM).

Having said that, we are, co-incindentally, ending this series with an artist called Burial. Yeah, fate, thanks for that reminder. Cheers for that. Yeah. Thanks.

Dear blog chums, life is for living and for loving and for playing massively loud tunes. If I looked back on the last couple of decades and I couldn't find music that moved, uplifted and even upset me, then I might as well be dead on a spike. Or be Cheryl Cole. I expect to find massively more exciting tunes over the next two decades too: just wait until I'm wazzing praise all over this blog about Clark's impending new album.

And so we end with 2009, in which I faced Christian prejudice and Orbital's return (not to be mixed up). Burial and Four Tet released one of the bestestest house collaborations ever (watch below). And it was the year in which I took my blogging seriously for a change, a brilliant 'second job' that has given back again and again. Which brings us beautifully to the end of February 2012, the most blogged month in the history of Fat Roland On Electronica.

Another 6,000-or-so words plopped into the burping mouth of the internet. NOW WHERE'S MY CAKE?


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