Nov 6, 2012

Spring cleaning in November... it's crazy, I know

Pass me that feather duster. Thanks.

In a week's time, I'll be spring cleaning a few corners of my blog hovel. will become something quite different, and will cover all of my internet sites rather than just this here blog.

It means that Fat Roland on Electronica will return to a mere blogspot address, as it was when it started. You won't notice a difference other than some of you will see a different URL.

Wait. Don't fall asleep.

Also, I will be retiring one Twitter feed and one blog, neither of which you probably know about - and if you did know about them, you won't have twigged it was me all along.

All will be revealed next Tuesday (which happens also to be the 8th anniversary of this blog).

The web address is over ten years old. It's time to investigate the wrinkles...

Further Fats: Blog 1 website 0 (late result) (2007)

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