Dec 3, 2012

A creative meltdown means horrible bowls and don't you forget it

What the actual frigging actual?

I mean, SERIOUSLY to the max, uber-voltage SERIOUSLY, with some SERIOUS cherries on top?

While lazing around in my local Chinese takeaway, I spotted a stack of glossy magazines on a table just above a fiercely hot heater. It was actually dangerous. Being a sound citizen, I moved the magazines away from the heat source and, as you will understand, had to read them all in the process.

Among the bland hot OK air of thin people in their mansions was Take A Break, which had this gem of a "groovy idea" (pictured):
"I found some vinyl records in my attic and wanted to re-use them. I put a record on a heatproof bowl and placed it in a warm oven until it began to melt. Then I carefully moulded the warm vinyl around another dish and left it to harden.
"Now I have a retro bowl that's perfect for storing my keys and loose change."
As a house full of busybodies write letters to trite lifestyle magazines saying "look what memories I destroyed today to avoid putting coins onto the many convenient and robust shelves and surfaces throughout our well-equipped home", a poor dead uncle is looking down on his old classical collection as it is melted into warped plant pots, faux-trendy wall clocks and horrible dog bowls.

Because when I look at a record, I suddenly think my pockets are too heavy and maybe their scratchy contents would look good spinning at 33prm on knackered vinyl. I mean, SERIOUSLY. In other news, I now store all my Facebook photos inside a corrupted mp3.

We're a quarter of the way through an octuple-dip recession, so re-use and recycle by all means. But I am truly horrified.

I should never have moved those magazines away from the heater. That's right, reader: I would rather my local takeaway burn to the ground than have some enterprising creative make an old thing into a new thing because they want to. That's the kind of person I am. That's the kind of person this 'retro bowl' has made me.

Oh I'm annoyed. I'm going for a walk.

Now where are my keys?

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Tim F said...

But the melty vinyl tip is positively sane compared to some of them.

geekgirl101 said...

The sad thing is that person thought it was a great idea. Too cheap to go and buy some proper decorative bowls, let's go melt some vinyl records that may or may not actually be worth something (would at least be worth more than a decorative bowl from a pound shop), and make some fugly bowls out of them, not to mention toxic fumes and the possibility of wrecking ones oven should they be heated too much.

Fat Roland said...

There was a programme called Real Rooms which was a low-fi crafty precursor to Changing Rooms where living rooms and kitchens would get covered in this kind of homemade gaudiness. I had a friend who had his kitchen done: it went out on (dayrime) telly, and then he seemed to spend the next six months redoing the lot.

This is like a Vietnam-style flashback to that.