May 19, 2013

Electronic Sound magazine: the future is buttocks

You may remember me contributing to Electronic Magazine for Future Publishing a while back. I probably ought to tell you where that led to.

I'm now a columnist for Electronic Sound. The mag for Future seemed to do quite well, but I'm probably not alone in thinking there's not an easy, er, future for niche print magazines unless they're about guitars or gaming. So the team behind the original print magazine have gone independent to launch issue one of Electronic Sound for the iPad.

My column is a hilarious take on the Performing Rights Society: not exactly a minefield of comedy, but honestly, it's gigglesome. The app also has a picture of a synth with utterly ridiculous tags puked from my stupid brain (pictured above: the circles link to my nonsense), while I've thrown in some album reviews for good measure.

Issue one also includes OMD, Dave Clarke, Billie Ray Martin, Gary Numan, Utah flipping Saints and that bloke from the Human League. James Blake and Autechre are among the reviews.

I think you can just about still get issue one for the introductory price of 61p, although you'll have to be quick. The second edition is about to land, and this time I'm banging on about Daft Punk, The Black Dog, Juan Atkins and what all the numbers mean on the labels on records (note: possibly not accurate).

Sorry that you can't get it if you're not an Apple addict, but this has been put together by some amazing people on limited resources. First stop, the iPad. Next stop, forehead projection implants where you scroll to the next article by blinking or clenching your buttocks.

If you have an iPad and a vague interest in things that go bleep, you love me enough to get this, right? Beats blimmin' pretend air hockey.

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