Jun 9, 2016

Introducing the Manchester Histories Pub Quiz

I'm running a pub quiz with my old-time radio cohort and Tales Of Whatever story splurger Lee Moore if you fancy coming down.

It's the Manchester Histories Pub Quiz for Manchester Histories Festival and it takes place tonight at Common Bar from 7pm. There's a special round by resident quizzists Common Knowledge too. A quid admission to you, sir or madam.

I'm doing the music round, although I'm afraid there isn't much techno in there. I really wanted to get the audience to spell Autechre (more fun than you think with the general public), but it doesn't really tick the 'history' box. I could get people to guess Aphex Twin's Soundcloud user number, but that misses the 'Manchester' theme. Ah well.

Part of my research was to trawl the brilliantly-initialled Manchester District Music Archive, which reminded me of the existence of the Adventure Babies and Bandit Queen. (I only got up to B.)

Anyhoo, come and quiz if you want. I'm properly excited about the questions I've got. The plan is we'll then take this quiz to various other places in Greater Manchester. And if you miss this one, there's always this Book Quiz next month, also hosted by me.

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