Jan 6, 2017

How you can help Electronic Sound magazine get even better in 2017

Here is a list of words I recently submitted for publication in Electronic Sound: trousers; hedge; steaming; molested; bile; gush.

Writing for Electronic Sound is a blast. Writing about music generally is a blast. But writing for Electronic Sound is a particularly blasty kind of blast.

You can now get involved in Electronic Sound and its creator Pam Communications by investing some cash. You can bung in a tenner. Or if you've had a string of hit singles and own a duplex in Ibiza, throw them ten grand.

The ES bunnies are top people who deserve support. The magazine is tastier than a sack of carrots, and they've worked their paws off (really going for the bunny thing here) to get it stocked in WH Smith and Sainsbury's.

The writing's excellent, their editorial control is as professional as heck, and the design is truly stunning. Blimey, it's one of the reasons why I've embraced yellow on this website. ES is rewiring the way independent magazines plug into a modern world, and they've got solid plans to expand and take over the universe. They've even got a sentient robot.

I'm biased, of course. They print my column. But that also means you're investing in me too, sort of.

New year's resolution. Support an amazing electronic music magazine. It's worth a tenner, right? Here's the Electronic Sound investment page - don't delay.

And now: here are two famous people holding the magazine that features the other one as cover star. They've both done songs with cars in.

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