Jan 16, 2017

Throwing Snow's new spangly licks

Have a crack at the spangly orchestral funk of Prism by Throwing Snow (below). Go on. Shove it in your ears. Lovely, isn’t it. I want to store it in my freezer to lick when no-one’s looking.

Mr Snow’s real name is the Nathan-Barleyesque Ross Tones. What a silly name. Anyone who has a silly name shouldn’t be trusted with music. You see what I'm doing here? My name is Fat Roland and that was actually a joke about me. This is what proper comedians do. Please put some money in the bucket on your way out, thank you very much.

Tones, as I now like to call him, has worked with Flying Lotus, Bonobo and the Red Bull Music Academy. Red Bull make people fly planes through hula hoops while basejumping. Prism is almost as thrilling as that. Bodes well for Throwing Snow's second album Embers out in a few days.

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