Jan 4, 2017

Keeping an eye on Roland-twiddler Lorenzo Senni

I'm named after a Roland JP-800. Twiddly knobby keyboard, all lovely and blue. And I've just found out one of my favourite miminalist techno tracks, Windows Of Vulnerability by Lorenzo Senni, was composed entirely on the JP-8000.

What's he up to these days? Milan-based rave-mangler Lorenzo recently dropped his debut EP on Warp Records. It's called Persona uses all sorts of other sounds. I suppose I'm going to have to name myself after all his other keyboards now? Fat Korg. Fat Yamaha. Fat Casio?

Win In The Flat World, below, is on the EP. It's full of melodramatic bombast filtered through the smallest Gameboy in the world. Amazing what you can do without a drum track too.

Further Fats: Confusion in our eyes that says it all - we've lost Control (well, almost) (2008)

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