May 31, 2019

Fat Roland's top ten comfort listens - 10: Ceephax's Camelot Arcade

Number 10 in my top ten comfort-listens is Ceephax's Camelot Arcade.

Album nameCamelot Arcade

Artist: Ceephax

Who they sound like according to Spotify's recommendations: EOD, DMX Krew and Bogdan Raczynski

Most comforting musical element: All those cheery major chords

Least comforting musical element: The Camelot-themed suit of armour you have to wear while listening

What it's like being smothered by (in a good way): Chainmail, but soft chainmail that's made of kittens that may have been slaughtered by a sword-wielding knight but let's not think about that right now

Comfort food it should be paired with: A glistening ham soaked in mead and possibly walked on by flies

Public figure I would recommend this album to so they can chill the heck out: Jacob Rees-Mogg - it's themed on his era so he'd be bang up for it

What the opposite of this album sounds like: A dystopian future full of spaceships doing bad things

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