May 31, 2019

Fat Roland's top ten comfort listens - 3: Sun Electric's Present

Number 3 in my top ten comfort-listens is Sun Electric's Present

Album name: Present

Artist: Sun Electric

Who they sound like according to Spotify's recommendations: Mariah Carey and Megadeth... only joking... Global Communication, System 7, The Orb

Most comforting musical element: It sort of glistens, like a beautifully packaged parcel of molten hot iron

Least comforting musical element: Aaaargh, too hot, aaaaargh, too hot, I'm burning, I'm burning

What it's like being smothered by (in a good way): This album was off my radar and I only really got into it a couple of years ago (Kitchen was always my preferred Sun Electric album), so it's like being smothered by a long-lost uncle who you're not entirely sure is your uncle but he has that look in his eyes so you carry on pretending he's definitely your uncle

Comfort food it should be paired with: A sausage and chorizo pasta bake thrown into the fiery heart of the sun

Public figure I would recommend this album to so they can chill the heck out: Normski - whatever happened to Normski? Or maybe Neil out of Art Attack. Someone you'd forgotten about but now really want to meet

What the opposite of this album sounds like: An overly-familiar part of your body, like the back of your hand, or your athlete's foot, or your gangrenous third nipple

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