May 31, 2019

Fat Roland's top ten comfort listens - 6: Bola's Soup

Number 6 in my top ten comfort-listens is Bola's Soup.

Album name: Soup

Artist: Bola

Who they sound like according to Spotify's recommendations: Arovane, Brothomstates, Kettel (where really they should just list Boards of Canada)

Most comforting musical element: It's exactly the right level of chill

Least comforting musical element: The title pun (bowl o' soup)

What it's like being smothered by (in a good way): Soup, but room-temperature soup because a piping hot minestrone is going to take your face off

Comfort food it should be paired with: Soup, obviously soup, just plain old soup, not soup and a bread roll, just the soup, no you may NOT sprinkle it in herbs

Public figure I would recommend this album to so they can chill the heck out: Joey Essex because he once did a soup advert, which is very much something I just had to google

What the opposite of this album sounds like: What's the antonym for soup? Just some ingredients laid out in a line, entirely separate, i.e. some tomatoes or a mushroom, I really feel there was something else I was meant to be writing about here...

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