May 26, 2020

20 great electronic music albums from 2010

A friend on Twitter was asking for recommendations of 2010 electronic music albums.

I don't mean 2,010 electronic music albums. That would be a big ask of anyone, like requesting someone list their top thousand favourite turnips then staring at them while tapping a notepad until they finished. No, that wouldn't be a nice thing to ask.

I mean electronic music albums from the year 2010. The year of Bad Romance and CeeLo Green's sweary break-up song and, er, Susan Boyle's Christmas album. The year, as it happened, of great electronic music.

And so, here it is. My list of recommendations. And because I'm a good boy, I took two tracks off each album and made this Spotify playlist.

There are notable omissions from my best-of-2010 blog posts. That's because tastes change, and a Fat Roland has a right to change his mind if a Fat Roland wants too. I think I now have better taste in music. I also, incidentally, have a better taste in socks, outdoor coats and egg recipes.

List ahoy!

20 great electronic music albums from 2010 (selected tracks playlist here)
Actress – Splazsh
Autechre – Oversteps
Brian Eno – Small Craft on a Milk Sea
Caribou – Swim 
Chemical Brothers – Further
Daft Punk – Tron Legacy
Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma
Four Tet – There Is Love In You 
Hot Chip – One Life Stand
LCD Soundsystem –  This Is Happening
Lone – Emerald Fantasy Tracks
Lonelady – Nerve Up 
Lorn – Nothing Else
Luke Abbott – Holkham Drones 
Magnetic Man – Magnetic Man
Massive Attack – Heligoland
Pantha Du Prince – Black Noise
Robyn – Body Talk
Shobaleader One – d'Demonstrator
Underworld – Barking 

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