Jun 30, 2020

The best thing I heard in June was… (drum roll, please)

phoebe bridgers

I heard many amazing things in June. Here is a list.
  1. A magpie warbling like a crazy little thing inside a bush

  2. Game Of Thrones – the soundtrack bit, not the head-chopping-off bits

  3. A chap singing the Danger Mouse theme tune in the style of Pulp

  4. The sound of my bedroom fan white-noising my overheated self to sleep

  5. The 808 State listen-along for #TimsTwitterListeningParty

  6. Actually, yes, the head-chopping-off bits in Game Of Thrones

  7. A chap chopping the head off Danger Mouse in the style of Pulp

  8. Magpies hitting my fan to the rhythm of 808 state.... inside a bush
All these sounds are undoubtedly exquisite audio sculptures that make your ears feel like a carpet of velvet unicorns. Why not recreate the above sounds using cardboard tubes, a staple gun and some glitter?

Despite all that noise nonsense, there is one sound that topped them all. There is one sound that was undoubtedly the best thing I heard in June...

In fact, a whole bunch of us picked our favourite music of the month on the Picky Bastards website. One writer picked the new Phoebe Bridgers (pictured) album that everyone's banging on about. Someone else picked Lady Gaga's Chromatica. My pick? I chose Special Request's lightning-sharp Spectral Frequency, a track released a short while ago but rereleased this month on vinyl. It put a rocket up June's bum like nothing else.

Read all about the track's resonating drums and sweaty rave flashbacks on the PBs website (my choice is at the end because I always submit last). Have a read there, and have a listen below.

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