Jun 9, 2020

Listen to these June 2020 electronic music albums if you want to save your knees

luke vibert

Here are some albums out this month, June 2020, and let me warn you: if you don't give these a listen, I'm coming round there and painting sad faces on your knees, so next time you're out skateboarding in your Bart Simpson shorts, everyone will see you and feel depressed.

Let's start with a man who loves acid so much, his name would be an anagram of "I love acid" if he had different letters. Luke Vibert (pictured) has announced a trilogy, like Lord Of The Rings, The Matrix and the Police Academy films when there were only three of them.

The albums are intended to be a PTSD-style flashback to the golden years of electronic music. Last month, Luke Vibert Presents Amen Andrews took us into the old-school jungle, and next month's Rave Hop will be packed to the brim with breakbeat. June's offering is Modern Rave, which is centred around... *checks notes* ...rave. Obviously.

I mentioned jungle just then. This reminded me of a crazy Twitter moment a few months ago when I referred to an Orbital track as "lightly junglist". "That’s not jungle though," tweeted a random stranger. No, it's not jungle mate. It's "lightly junglist", in the same way a "lightly drizzled" cake doesn't mean the cake is drizzle.

This stranger insisted that instead of posting tracks that are lightly sprinkled with a jungle vibe, I should post actual jungle tracks, or as he put it, the "choonage to represent the scene and industry, otherwise it’s an insult in certain circles". He then called me a moron who was single-handedly bringing the music industry to its needs. Reader, I blocked him.

Let's have some drum 'n' bass, which is a bit like jungle but isn't jungle. I loved Goldie collaborator J Majik's last album Full Circle. It was his first album for 20 years and it was a cracker. Look out for his new album Always Be, which should serve as a great companion to Full Circle, like double-yolked eggs or Jedward brothers.

And then there's Trickfinger's She Smiles Because She Presses The Button, which is a new album of solo electronics from John Frusciante. John who? He's the bloke from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, statistically the band most listened to by white boys with dreadlocks. The 'Peppers are as dull as spending an afternoon watching cricket with a Tory, but Frusciante has IDM credentials, so it's worth a listen. Remember when he worked with Venetian Snares?

There's also Shaw & Grosfeldt's Klavier, which is Simian Mobile Disco's Jas Shaw faffing around with a sensor-fitted Disklavier piano. And there's a new album of bassy electronics from Budapest sound artist Gábor Lázár: Source is a follow-up to 2018’s excellent Unfold.

Finally, there's some proper industrial helt going on with Helena Hauff's Kern Vol.5, a various artists mix for Tresor’s Kern series, including some exclusively unreleased tracks. The whole thing is lightly junglist. I mean, it's not: that's an inaccurate description, but I just want to annoy the choonage moron randomer.

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