Jul 28, 2020

POP RATS ANAGARMS 3: perturbing and bland


I'm delighted that my POP RATS ANAGARMS (it's an anagram of POP STAR ANAGRAMS) have made international news. They were on the front page of every newspaper on earth, got 96% coverage on the entire internet, and a farmer in Somerset sent up a skywriting plane which said FAT ROLUNDS ANAGRMS ARX GXFRQPPT (it was a windy day).

Here are two more pop music anagrams. The golden rules are the same as previous anagram challenges: Firstly, these are very successful pop acts, and secondly, I think their music is well rubbish. You may like them: I don't. With that in mind, today's pop star choices might prove controversial.
Rearrange these anagrams to make a famous music star. Leave your answer in the comments or, more likely, tweet the answer at me. There is also a clue below. 

First anagram (length of the solution's words in brackets): PERTURBING SCENES (5,11)


Second anagram (length of the solution's words in brackets): BLAND BOY (3,5)


Want a clue? Both of these American solo acts were born in the same decade.

Comment or tweet me up. Another pair of anagrams in seven shakes of a goat's beard (i.e. soon).

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