Jul 26, 2020

POP RATS ANAGARMS 1: two flaky pop music anagrams

pop rats anagarms

I've noticed an increase in stupidity among my blog readers. Putting the cat in the fridge, stirring your tea with the loo brush, going to the shops in clown shoes, that kind of thing.

What you need, readers, is a mental challenge.

Welcome to a short series of POP RATS ANAGARMS! These are actually POP STAR ANAGRAMS, but what I've done is mix up the letters in each word (I swapped the Ps in POP). This is because I am well clever.

Two things connect the pop music acts featured in these anagrams:
1. They are all very successful pop acts. Some of them have a whole bunch of number one singles, and the acts that don't are still very much household names. Mostly solo acts, but not all.

2. I don't like any of them. That's right: I've picked some of my least favourite names in pop. This won't help you solve the anagrams necessarily, but it will tell you which CDs not to get me for Christmas.
This is the first of five POP RATS ANAGARMS blog posts. The first four posts will each have two anagrams to solve so if you find one too easy, there's always another to unscramble. The fifth blog post will have the answers.

Let's go. Solve these two pop music act anagrams! Either leave a comment or tweet me the answer (oh and look out for a clue below).

First anagram (length of the solution's words in brackets): FLAKED MORNING ANUS (5,3,9)


Second anagram (length of the solution's words in brackets): I AM LUBE BELCH (7,5)


There you go. Two absolutely delightful anagrams for you to unscramble into the name of a pop music act. Pssst: here's a clue – one of these acts had their hits many years ago, while the other is a 21st century act.

Comment or tweet!

Another pair of anagrams soon.

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