Jul 27, 2020

POP RATS ANAGARMS 2: two (h)airy pop music anagrams


Yesterday, I challenged my blog readers with two fiendish pop music anagrams. Some of you got it, while some of you broke down in tears. "No more, Fats," you wept while ripping your clothes asunder.
You: Hello, I'd like a refund on this designer jacket, please.
Tailor: But it's all ripped.
You: Yes, I ripped it real good. I'd like a refund please.
Tailor: We can't refund items you've damaged.
You: But... Fat Roland did this anagram quiz where—
Tailor: You've said enough. Here's a thousand pounds.
Here is more, so may the tears flow into rivers. Below are two further POP RATS ANAGARMS (it's an anagram of POP STAR ANAGRAMS). Remember: (1) these are all very successful pop acts, and (2) I don't like any of them because I'm a music snob.
Solve these two pop music act anagrams by leaving a comment or tweeting me the answer. And pay attention because I've given a little clue below.

First anagram (length of the solution's words in brackets): HAIRY CAMERA (6,5)


Second anagram (length of the solution's words in brackets): LIAR CHEAT USING AIR (9,8)


See if you can unscramble each anagram into the name of a pop music act. And here's a little clue – you'd definitely notice if either of these solo artists started singing in your neighbourhood. They've got range!

Comment or tweet. Another pair of anagrams shortly.

Further Fats: See part 1 of POP RATS ANAGARMS here

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