Dec 30, 2022

Top 50 electronic music albums of 2022: Deepchord, Frantzvaag, Galcher Lustwerk

    Fat Roland's best electronic music albums of 2022 

We continue with my album countdown. I'm eking out the top 50, which will eventually get us to a top 20, then a top 10, then electronic music nirvana. No, not that Nirvana. Here are my latest top 50 treats.

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Deepchord: Functional Designs (Soma Records)

“Pneumatic bass drums that crumble warehouse walls… The tectonic transcendence of 2017’s ‘Auratones’ is taken deeper. Ambience swarms until it coagulates, turning bass thuds into distant fuzz. Amid miniscule droplets of sound design, muffled drums top 140bpm without seeming to break a stride... And breathe. Feel that warehouse wall. It's not crumbling; it’s floating.”

Frantzvaag: Solo Super (Fuck Reality)

"Frantzvaag bursts from the Oslo house scene with this straight-shooting debut album for Smallville’s sweary sublabel. Belatedly unearthed from the label owner’s neglected email inbox, this neat set has cymbal-drenched party pumpers, crowd-pleasing filtered vocals, and elegantly euphoric dubs. Nothing fancy: just cobweb-blasting deep house fun.”

Galcher Lustwerk: 100% GALCHER (Ghostly International)

Ole Lusty may think this is 100% GALCHER, but actually it’s 62% smooth synth lines, 79% delicious deep house, 43% sexy jams, 22% warm ambient chord drama and 176% attitude. Pretty sure that adds up to 100%. It’s also one million per cent breaking my no-rerelease rule for this countdown, but this Ghostly vinyl reissue is too darn Galcher to miss out on.

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