Dec 31, 2022

Top 10 electronic music albums of 2022: Hudson Mohawke – Cry Sugar

My top 10 countdown of the best electronic music albums of 2022 continues. This isn't opinion, by the way. It's fact. Look up "Fat Roland's favourite albums" in the dictionary and you'll get a picture of this blog. Fact. 

Hudson Mohawke: Cry Sugar (Warp)

Electronic Sound: “Smooth soul samples chopped and diced, nuclear bass drums, buttery trumpets, carpet bomb sequencing, and, on the strangulated banger ‘Behold’, giddy vocals flattened into a pancake… Utter mayhem in every good way. Expect to hear this everywhere.” 

Welcome back HudMo, or to give him his full name, Huddleston Morecambe Bay Discount Store. Cry Sugar is daft. The vocal samples are cut using blunt scissors, the bass drums land like a parachuting walrus, the EDM bursts like a glitter bomb. And it’s hugely entertaining. I get the sense that some of the beats are necessary because the soup of samples underneath are barely under control: the machines are having a block party of their life.

16 years into his record releasing career, no-one has a right to sound this energised, this frantic, this gloriously epic. You’ve done well, Hudson River Mountaineering Equipment.

Curious track: The Timbaland-style Dance Forever that morphs into The Prodigy and then an electric razor.

Album feels: Partying on and on until the break of dawn and/or until the sausage rolls run out.

Cover art: A marshmallow man getting his booty on. No really. 

From another website: Just succumb to its unique invention, curious shifts in tone and plethora of weird juxtapositions: something that’s easy enough to do. (The Guardian)

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