Jun 10, 2007

mpSunday: Last Step's Baby Powder

Venetian Snares

Here's another free mp3 which will only be here until my next mpSunday post, so nab it while you can.

Venetian Snares has made his name from producing tricky electronica that has ranged from the orchestral to the ridiculous. He is a punk revelutionary amid a largely anodyne genre, hence his insane time signatures, harsh percussion and frenzied samples.

So imagine my surprise when I came across his pseudonym Last Step. It's melodic, quite beautiful and not at all what you would expect from Snares.

So I'm including Last Step here. Here's a mid-paced electro track called Baby Powder from Last Step's eponymous album on Planet Mu records. The revolution is on hold for now.

YARGLES! This mp3 is no longer available. Click here for the latest mpSunday.

PS - factoid: Venetian Snares is apparently known as Gonk The Eight Legged Viking. Oh and Last Step is a secret pseudonym; you're not meant to know it's Snares. Don't tell anyone, will you?


Tom said...

great stuff. i dropped acid and listened to snares' hungarian classical album last friday. szamar madar reached some new epic height.

Fat Roland said...

Hi Tommoyo, welcome to the blog. Stick around for a while, why dontcha.

I love Szamar Madar, I played it out again the other night. Dropping anything to Snares is probably highly dangerous. I listened to Beethoven on poppers once and that was enough for me; my head nearly exploded.