Jun 25, 2009

Someone call an Ambivilance: Bibio thrills as a radio star

Edit: This album is mentioned in my top ten electronica albums of 2009

If you don't buy the new Bibio album, you are stupid and you deserve to be pushed off a cliff by someone disappointing like Cash In The Attic's John Cameron.

The LP Ambivilance Avenue stretches two meaty legs across the decades, from sepia-smeared yesteryear summer pop, to future-bastard electronica that would make Justice control-alt-delete.

A little bit of me - the fascist bit of me that stomps on hamsters and sets fire to people in Father Christmas suits - shivers with disgust at the folky leanings of Bibio. But I'm a grown man now, and I am learning to accept that I can't always have it my way.

However, the bit of Bibio that is techno / IDM makes me want to caress him, have his children, buy a caravan with him, divorce him, split my CD collection with him, not talk to him for fourteen years, and following his plastic surgery to become the world's first human / camel freak, then sleep with him unknowingly in a one-night stand blinded by drunkenness and a half-watched DVD of The Story Of The Weeping Camel.

This kind of shizzle is the sort of shizzle that should be all over the radio. Even if you don't like Bibio (and you should), if you give a stinking damn about well-produced music, you should give Ambivilance Avenue a listen. In fact, if you have ears, you should be listening to this album right now.

No, actually, even if you don't have ears, you should give Bibio a listen. Even if you were run over by an angry tractor driver, and all you have left is a spleen, half an eyeball and the inside of your left knee, you should damn well give Bibio a listen.

Let the music speak for itself at Warp Records. Mind that cliff, now.


soundtower said...

This album is AMAZING! Thanks for putting me on to it :)

Fat Roland said...

Yay, glad you like it. I should have made more of this in my blog piece, but the production on the Bibio album is superb.