Nov 22, 2009

Tend the tables, broom the rats out for me

I've been brooming out the rats this afternoon and I've come across a few links that I'll share with you before a chuck them into the recycling bin.

Firstly, two people have been blogging about the Refresh FM situation (see posts passim). My radio co-presenter Lee has written an eloquent and nuanced piece about his role with Refresh FM, complete with a picture of one of our legendary wallchart playlists. Also, the Guardian's Comment Is Free has written about me, Refresh FM and the wider role of volunteers. Writer Ally Fogg says:

"Anyone who thinks volunteers are immune from workplace bullying or unfair treatment should think again. Victims of such treatment usually (but not always) go quietly, taking their skills and enthusiasm with them. That is a huge loss to us all."
Also, Soundproof Magazine completed their top 20 Manchester albums of all time. The Stone Roses debut album was voted the greatest because:
"In our (admittedly unscientific) poll of Manchester-based journalists, bloggers, club owners, and artists, almost every single one chose The Stone Roses, and the album accumulated more than twice as many points as almost any other album on this list. It wasn't even close."
Stone Roses was my number four, although in retrospect, it should have been a bit higher.

Finally, Autechre are supporting Salt N Pepa. Well, kind of. They're both on the same bill at Bloc 2010. I hope they bleep it, bleep it real good.

(Autechre's cover design of Tri Repetae is pictured above. It's strangely similar to the original cover of Starflyer 59's Gold, released four months earlier. Scandal!)

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