Nov 8, 2009

Super celluloid stunners of 2009 (provisional)

Some of these might not be 2009. Some of them might not be films. Some of them I probably just dreamt in a blur of pot and catnip.

But apart from that, these are totally, like, the 20 bestest films of 2009. I've given each film a one-word review. Like Twitter, but even twittier.

It's provisional because I will see more films before this year gasps its last breath. I'm thinking of two in particular. That rumbling sound you hear is a Coen Brothers flick stampeding towards us at a rate of knots, and Where The Wild Things Are could just be a furry delight.

What do you think?

1. Mesrine: Killer Instinct and Public Enemy No 1. Exhilarating. (Vincent Cassel pictured.)
2. Moon. Rockwell!
3. Anvil. Uplifting.
4. District 9. Fishy.
5. Frost/Nixon. Authoritative.
6. Let the Right One In. Cold.
7. In The Loop. Sweary.
8. Slumdog Millionnaire. Fun.
9. Wall-E. Human.
10. Drag Me to Hell. Heavenly.
11. Up. Sweet.
12. Watchmen. Dong.
13. Milk. Inspiring.
14. Entre les murs. Challenging.
15. Che Part One and Part Two. Smoking.
16. The Wrestler. Grappling.
17. The Hangover. Hilarious.
18. Coraline. Buttons.
19. Bronson. Relentless.
20. Maybe 500 Days Of Summer, maybe The Men Who Stare At Goats, maybe not...


Tim Footman said...

Sorry, I missed the dong in Watchmen. Maybe because I watched it on the plane, and only got the censored version.

David Hartley said...

Yeah I suppose. Like Eric Morcambe maybe once said, they are the right films, but not necessarily in the right order.

EG, id put UP a lot further Up, if you'll excuse the not really a pun. It gave me a lump in my throat and no other film this year has done that.

And Milk should be higher, methinks.

What no Star Trek? That would sneak on to my list, maybe 17 or 18 or somewhere.

I'm sure there's another one as well but I can't for the life of me think what.

Anyway, nice list and I would say a decent enough year for films no? wonder what oscar season will throw up.


Fat Roland said...

Tim - it was like Smurf porn (except for the fact that Smurfs don't have genitalia, as established the Smurf sex discussion in Donnie Darko).

Dave - I think you're right, actually. I might change it when I repost a final list later this year. Star Trek was meh - I'm just not a sci fi guy (well... apart from the three sci-fi films in my top ten).

I think I've missed off Burn After Reading. Maybe.