Nov 16, 2009

The Top 20 Manchester Albums Of All Time

Manchester, Manchester, Manchester: so good, I just named it three times.

Soundproof Magazine has begun publishing the top 20 Manchester albums of all time. It's based on lists scrawled on foolscap and paper-aeroplaned to them over the past few months.

I was one of the contributors, as was Northern Comfort, Expletive Undeleted, Alan McGee (Alan bloody McGee!) and a postman's bulging sackful of Manchester makers and shakers.

I'm pleased to report that a wee smattering of my own choices (posted on my blog in August) have made it into the final top 20. You'll just have to stay glued to Soundproof to see how it all pans out.


Tim Footman said...

Did you remember True Love Stories by Jilted John?

Fat Roland said...

The album passed me by. I was too busy listening to Mr Blue Sky in my older brother's bedroom.

I think he will be remembered forever for that classic song about, um, Keira Knightly....

Congrats on The Word coverage, btw.