Nov 19, 2009

Hey! We're going to Ibiza Levenshulme!

And so a new chapter begins in radio following the debacle that was Refresh FM.

I will be back on the airwaves this Sunday on a late night programme of chilled electronica, downbeat tunes and "aural oddities".

Cafe Del M12 brings a bit of bleep to the Manchester rain, and it will broadcast on Manchester community radio station All FM this Sunday 11pm until 1am in the morning. You can catch it on 96.9FM if you're within nuking distance of Moss Side*. There is also live streaming available, but it can be limited.

Incidentally, Refresh FM is history for me. I expect they will broadcast again in 2010. I worry that they will come up with agreements that tie any volunteers to a particularly narrow evangelical viewpoint. That means jettisoning equality and opportunity in favour of proselytizing an especially narrow and potentially damaging strand of Christianity.

This is bad for them, and also bad for community radio. Anyone who loves community radio should be worried about this, and I would encourage Refresh FM to take the better path of agreeing to disagree on certain issues whilst still welcoming Christians with different viewpoints into their radio community. Diversity is the key to great radio, and a much better way of getting their mission out there without compromising their core beliefs.

But like I said, it is history for me, and that is the last time I will mention that station's name in the same post as my current, rather exciting radio activities.

See you in the Cafe Del M12, live and direct this Sunday night.

*Moss Side is actually quite a decent place with lots of stuff going on.


9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Good luck for Sunday...

I'm sure it will be very bleepy...

Greg said...

They didn't ask me to sign up to any kind of creed or statement of faith when I volunteered.
Are you still keen on getting on AllFM? I might be interested in doing something on there in the future ... might be worth hooking up and chatting it through?

Fat Roland said...

Yeah, Greg, hit me up with an email. Let's talk! dj (at)