Jan 17, 2011

Crimes Against Keyboards: win Bleep.com's top 100 tracks of 2010

There's a moment in the middle of Eiffel 65's Blue (Da Ba Dee) when you realise all of dance music, from Detroit to Sheffield, from EBM to IDM, has led to this: a bunch of smurfoids that look like they've been CGIed by a blind horse.

Which makes me think: there's a competition in this.

There have been many crimes committed against electronic music over the years. All you need to do is write about the worst moment in dance music, and next week I'll pull an entrant out of my disco hat. That winner will get Bleep.com's top 100 tracks of 2010, worth £30, plus a priceless mention on my blog when I announce the result.

What do you write about?

It could be a sin by your favourite synth god* or the most disastrous diversion in dance music**. And yes, I do mean dance music however you interpret it, from Basshunter to Brian Eno, from the Chemical Brothers to Chromeo, from Aphex Twin to Adamski.

How do you write it?

Post it on your blog. Or if you don't have a blog, email your text to me directly: dj at fatroland.com. Between 50 and 500 words will do. All I ask is your arguments are convincing (even if only in an ironic way) and are non-libellous.

Will I read it?

Yes, every entry. To ensure your entry gets noticed, include "Crimes Against Keyboards" in your title line or near the start of your text. Feel free to publish the above graphic. And if blogging, pop a link into the comments section below this post.

How long have I got?

The closing date is noon on Monday, January 24th 2010. Blog posts or emails after that time will not be considered. No, Facebook is not a 'blog'. Don't post your rant in the comments below this post: that would just be annoying. One entry per person. Usual sensible competition rules apply.

In summary:

- write about the worst moment(s) in dance music;

- blog it, including a link in the comments below this post. Or email it (dj at fatroland).

- after noon on Monday 24th Jan, a random winner will get Bleep's top 100 tracks as a Bleep.com download code.

Oh and thank you to the lovely people at Bleep for proffering such a wonderful prize.

* For example, I always felt Orbital's The Saint seemed like a desperate grab for commercial success - the same feeling I get with Magnetic Man's I Need Air.

** For example, the whole of breakcore, Scooter, or that dubstep moment in Britney's new single.


Unknown said...

Here is my entry: http://compoundear.wordpress.com

great idea for a comp!

Anonymous said...

You don't like breakcore? Heathen

Fat Roland said...

I was lying when I said 'the whole of breakcore'. I was just trying to get a reaction and it worked. I'm a bad person.