Feb 19, 2014

Clark's AMA on Reddit and George Clooney's pentatonic blues sequence

Clark, the electronic artist who's about to pop out a new single called Superscope, did a Reddit AMA yesterday.

A Reddit AMA is where forum lurkers can get to "Ask Me Anything" of a famous person. Hey, Cher, do you *actually* believe in life after love? Hey, the KLF, when's the reunion tour with Scooter supporting? Hey, Chad Kroeger, just... why? That kind of thing.

You can read Clark's answers to questions here

I quite liked:
 "Do your parents like your music?" "No."

"All of that modular gear will rapidly decline in value once the sea-level starts to rise."

"Extremely distracted/gormless Clark face,"

"George Clooney would be a gold edition Moog Voyager, with Ableton reverb over a major pentatonic blues sequence.
 He would, as well. Good ol' George.

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