Feb 3, 2014

Two writers talk about pens, get reduced to Fractions

Hurray! Fractions is 10!

I mean, it's not like a proper birthday or anything. I've just made my 10th Fractions video. It's not worthy of cake, although now that I'm thinking about cake, I kind of want to lick your skin off like icing. Not in a weird way. In a cake way.

Fractions is a series of short videos featuring simply animated and soundtracked abstracts of stories and ideas. It can be as weird as hell, which is how I like it. I had been writing a story for the 10th video, but idiot-inspiration (idiotspiration?) struck me when listening to internet radio.

Manchester writers Anna Percy and Daniel Carpenter were banging on about literature on Fab Radio. I shoved a microphone at my computer speakers and, in my mind, dared them to say something silly. And then they started talking about pens.

Within two hours, I had edited their voices and written music for it. See this alongside the rest of the Fractions videos here. And give Fab Radio your time: they're lovely people.

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