Oct 30, 2020

The most Halloweeny music acts ever

Bjork being scary

It's Halloween. 

Since I can't do my usual trick or treating dressed as a bat panda, the most frightening creature known to humankind, I'm going to have to entertain myself with this instead. 

Here are my top thousand million scary music acts (or fewer if I run out of ideas). 

  • Boards of Canadaaargh 
  • Spice Ghouls 
  • Pop Will Trick or Treat Itself
  • Lady Gagaaaargh 
  • Calvin Hair-raise
  • Ghoul Scott Heron
  • Tears for Fears (actual fears)
  • Venetian Scares 
  • Rihanaaargh
  • Cardi (Zom)B
  • Fright Said Fred
  • Bjeeeek! 
  • Matt and Spook Goss
  • Chemical Brothers (broth as in witch's broth) 
  • Adam and the Ants (actual ants)
  • A-haaargh 
  • S-Express (the S stands for Scary) 
  • Lemonster Jelly
  • Ca-boo-ret Voltaire
  • Bananaramaaargh
  • S Club 7 (the S stands for Scarier) 
  • Aaargh-phex Twin
  • Smashing Pumpkins (it's a pumpkin, the kind you use at Halloween) 
  • Enyaaargh
  • The Rolling (grave) Stones (suggested by @AcidGrandads)

I'm getting paid by the word, right? Hello? Anyone there? 


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