Monthly mop-up: narcissistic bloggery, fake plastic Moog, and Portishead badminton

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Live tweeting at the Brits - the full text

Live tweeting the Brits - a short-notice announcement

Some lists containing rhyming Autechre, Orbital in colour, and the entire history of dance music

Out of Jan 'Mouse On Mars' St Werner, Brian Eno and Merzbow, who do you think would do the fandango?

There are Clark EPs at the bottom of the Garden

Blowin' in the wings: why protest songs should return to centre stage

Aphex Twin's new album does not exist. Now can we just stop worrying and enjoy our knaves-- er, I mean-- lives?

Chop off your hands and replace them with lazers for Detroit: 313 words about Harmonic 313

Telefon Tel Aviv's big hair sound is shrouded in darkness

Dear James Blunt: a reply

Dear James Blunt

Massive Attack sampled a sewer designer? This must be Massive Samples then