May 17, 2007

Shake that 'tushel, theremin lies a mystery, and other pale punnery

This is the dullest video I have posted on this blog, but a weird vicar playing Debussy on a theremin is worthy of anyone's time.

It's actually performance artist Eliot Fintushel from the wild and wacky land of California.

It isn't exactly the best example of theremin playing. This unique instrument has been used to much greater effect by a million people from Led Zeppelin to Marilyn Manson. And there was a band I saw at the Roadhouse once but I can't remember their name, so let's move on, shall we?

No, comedy theremin is okay by me. Bill Bailey does comedy theremin well - and a damn sight better than this other video by Fintushel. I think he's trying to get all Sinead O'Connor on our ass, but it's about as effective as a chocolate fireman.


Midnight Candle said...

California is a wacky land. I have experienced this first hand. Where else is eating a tofu dog off a frisbee (yes, I did)considered normal youth behavior? Might I add, there is a language barrier as well.

Fat Roland said...

Speaking of language barriers... is a tofu dog what I think it is? A hot dog with tofu instead of meat? It sounds... nice...

Midnight Candle said...

Tofu dog. It is a kind of hot dog without meat, but it isn't really a tofu product. It another mysterious soy creation. More texture than tofu, and it's flavored to be salty and go well with toppings like a normal hot dog.

Tofurkey is a similar story, not very tofu-like at all.