Apr 5, 2009

Trying my best to live a funky sound: I don't wanna put nobody down

The 45rpm record was 60 years old last week. See if you can guess which of these cute triplets was my first ever 7" single purchase:

(a) S'Express (pictured) - Hey Music Lover

(b) Madonna - Like A Prayer

(c) Bananarama and La Na Nee Nee Noo Noo -Help!

I can hear your reasoning. "Fats is the coolest guy on the interwebs but a little on the wrong side of wrong, so it seems logical that he would buy the S'Express hit that nobody remembers. But he's as gay as a lampshade, so the Madonna thing makes sense. Then again, he hates the Beatles, so the Help! travesty seems like a logical choice."

I'm sure if you nip down to Sifter's Records, Mr Sifter will recall that happy day 20 years ago when, yes, I bought all three. Don't tell anyone, please.

Here's a little video in which a Generic Factory Man shows us how 7" singles are made. Basically, they're big floppy CDs wrapped in cling film which are then banged with a hammer by a man with a microscope.


steve said...

Nice! Mine was Mr. Roboto by Styx. :)

LauraHD said...

Mine was Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus. Gulp. :-S